Authentic Japanese Desserts – Future

So today the Mrs. tells me about a new drama on Netflix.  Of course, it’s a Japanese Drama.  It’s called, “Kantaro: The sweet toothed salary man.”  In the first episode he speaks about a place in Ninyocho, Tokyo, Japan.  The description is full of history and it basically boils down to traditional desserts/sweets that have not been influenced by time and culture shifts.  The place is called, “Kanmidokoro Hatsune”.

The dessert in this episode called Anmitsu.  I don’t believe I’ve had it yet, but after watching this episode, it has made it to the bucket list.  Surprisingly, the place he visits is a real dessert shop.  The drama can seem over-the-top at times, but overall, a great way learn about traditions.  He goes in depth into the ingredients used and what to look out for.  He even goes as far as customizing the dessert to the point where the shop’s owner starts asking more advanced questions to his surprise.

The specialized flavors of Japan is very much missed in this household and we look forward to visiting, recording video, and enjoying some Japanese sweets in Tokyo once again.  Kanmidokoro Hatsune…..we will see you one day, oh yes, we will see you one day!





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