Happy New Year! It’s now 2018!!!

Today I’d like to talk about a dessert place in Tokyo that uses the freshest fruits you will ever encounter in your life.  The place is called, “Kajitsuen Libre Shinjuku”, and it’s located in, well, Shinjuku, Tokyo!

Under normal circumstances, I would say I was exaggerating about the fruits being the freshest ever, but in the case of Japan, it wouldn’t be a lie.  Japan is a haven for all things fruits and vegetables.

Throughout the years of living there, I ate more vegetables and fruits than I did living anywhere else.  The vegetables themselves are sweet as well.  For example… when I entered my first Katsu restaurant, I swore up and down that I had shredded lettuce.  It was sweet and juicy, so there was no way it could be anything else.  To my surprise, I realized it was cabbage!  Imagine, cabbage that is not dry.  The carrots are sweet as well.  So you can imagine that the fruits in Japan are going to be amazing.  They even have premium fruits selling in the hundreds of dollars.

$140 Melon

$150 Grapes


I’ve had the opportunity to try them, but I always felt that the regular stuff was already higher in quality than anything I’ve had outside of Japan; not to mention I also felt the money could be better spent elsewhere.

Check out their website.  They consider themselves a Fruit Parlor.  I have not gone there yet, so it easily made it on my Bucket List.

If you’ve ever been there, I’d like to hear about your experience in the comments.


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