A little about me.  My name is Frank and I was fortunate to have the military station our family in Japan for a 4 year stretch.  During that time, I learned a lot about the culture and the people.  We left Japan in 2015 and have been homesick for Japan the entire time.  We are on our last year in Spain and hoping the military can find it in its heart to let us return to Japan.

There’s a saying that has been thrown around within the military community about Japan.  If you climb Mount Fuji, you will never return to Japan on Military Orders.  Well, you guessed it, I have not climbed Mount Fuji!  Score +1 point for me!

We will find out in the next few months where the military wants us next.  Stay tuned to find out if I can act on my building bucket list of things to do.  Fingers crossed we get our wish and I can update everyone on the good news.  Until then……Ja!