Close to Home – Past Fail but Future for sure!

Special shout out to TabiEats!  I’ve enjoyed their vlogs for months now.  Lots of videos to bring me closer to home.  From Japanese meals, to snacks, and even home cooking demos, there is lots to enjoy on their youtube channel.

Today I ran into a video of them in the Miura province of Kanagawa, just a few miles south of Yokosuka which is home to me.

This location is a fail on my part.  I’ve always wanted to check out the Jogashima Island just off the coast of Miura.  I hear the views from the Lighthouse as well as the food is on point.  Sinichi goes in depth to what foods to look out for in the Miura region, with some of the foods being available no where else but there.

This is on my bucket list for a few reasons, but mainly because I missed my chance to visit during my 4 year stay.  Next chance I get, I’m hitting that area up and gobbling down some deliciousness that can’t be found anywhere else.

As a side note, I have been researching different glass for my new camera set up.  The goal is to make videos blogs and post them for you to enjoy.  A quick warning, I am camera shy, so I’ll be doing a lot of foodie videos with me nowhere to be found, but you will get my voice-over explaining the vlogs.

Enjoy the wonders of Miura, Kanagawa, Japan!


Authentic Japanese Desserts – Future

So today the Mrs. tells me about a new drama on Netflix.  Of course, it’s a Japanese Drama.  It’s called, “Kantaro: The sweet toothed salary man.”  In the first episode he speaks about a place in Ninyocho, Tokyo, Japan.  The description is full of history and it basically boils down to traditional desserts/sweets that have not been influenced by time and culture shifts.  The place is called, “Kanmidokoro Hatsune”.

The dessert in this episode called Anmitsu.  I don’t believe I’ve had it yet, but after watching this episode, it has made it to the bucket list.  Surprisingly, the place he visits is a real dessert shop.  The drama can seem over-the-top at times, but overall, a great way learn about traditions.  He goes in depth into the ingredients used and what to look out for.  He even goes as far as customizing the dessert to the point where the shop’s owner starts asking more advanced questions to his surprise.

The specialized flavors of Japan is very much missed in this household and we look forward to visiting, recording video, and enjoying some Japanese sweets in Tokyo once again.  Kanmidokoro Hatsune…..we will see you one day, oh yes, we will see you one day!




Videography / Photography

Lots of Photography and Videography today.

Been learning a lot about my equipment through different video reviews and blogs today.  Been shooting with my Canon 60D almost my entire stay in Japan.  Recently, with my return to Videography, I’ve learned more about High Dynamic Range which applies to both media.  I also started studying about Color Grading and frame-rates in relation to video quality.  Again, most of this can also apply to Photography as well, not all, but a lot.

My quest to document my next visit to Japan was inspired by a single video by a team of videographers from the youtube channel called, TokyoStreetView.  I was amazed at the stability and, more importantly, the clarity of the footage they film.  Through their website, I was able to research their equipment and find out what they used and started to research the heck out of it.  Their night time, low light, videos were super clear and coming from a very amateur video background, this was absolutely mind boggling to me.

Their fireworks video really solidified it for me:


So here I am, fast forward a few months and I’ve upgraded my camera gear and finally fine tuned my settings.  My footage has gotten a huge boost and I think I’m ready to roll.



I am trying to find inspiration to practice out here in Rota, Spain, but it’s been an uphill battle trying to enjoy a place that is quite the opposite of Japan.  Hopefully I can find the motivation to force myself out there to practice so that when I do get back to japan, I will be ready, experienced, and more skilled to document my stay.  My new gear is definitely fun to work with, but sometimes I wonder if Spain is worthy of being filmed.  Yes, I feel that strongly about it.  (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞


FOOD, Videography / Photography

Been Out of Commission for a Bit

Been out of commission due to sickness.  Got a stomach bug that was going around.  Luckily, and knocking on wood, the family hasn’t contracted it, so that’s a good thing.

During that down time, I’ve been scouring youtube for more high quality videos of Japan.  Found this little video from Simon & Martina.

This video did three things for me.  Helped me in studying about various aspects of videos, appreciate the food, and how to convey those feelings of food appreciation.  I’ve definitely collected a lot of personal notes on the subject.

So I plan on adding this place into my Bucket List.  There are the standard conveyor belt sushi restaurants, then your traditional ones.  This one looks like a premium version of the latter and I have yet to experience something like this.  So…..this is going to happen.

FOOD, Videography / Photography

Unusually busy Day

Started the usual weekday routine and met up with some Brothers in the KofC for a meeting of minds with a Priest from Jerez that does missionary work in Peru.  I purposefully avoided an early lunch knowing we were meeting and these meetings usually mean lots of Tapas and drinks.

Got there and spent almost 3 hours nursing a single cup of coffee and no food.  I ended up going home and heating up a frozen burrito and calling it a day, but wait, there’s more.  A friend needed a DVD of a movie and a neighbor informed me that she needed help with her kids since she wouldn’t be home on time to get them from the bus stop.

Finally winded down when all was said and done and started watching youtube videos on How to Make Videos look professional.  During my search and analysis of my recent video projects ( I ran into a couple of videos and one reminded me of my favorite type of meals during my 2011-2015 stay in Japan.

The place is called Sushi-ro (  It is one of many conveyor belt sushi places around.  My most favorite version of these places was Kura-Sushi (  Oh how I miss these places with a passion.  I could usually come out fully stuffed and spend about $15 on a meal of great quality, variety, and not waste any food since you pay by the plate and you only got what you wanted.  I adore the Shrimp with avocado and fresh onions covered in Mayonnaise nigiris.  There is also a hand-roll that consists of a tempura shrimp, cut in half….one half stuck in as-is, and the other half chopped up and mixed with mayonnaise and stuffed along side the first half.  Oh soooo gooood!

Here’s the video I saw earlier today, shot on location in Sushiro.  Part of my Past, but definitely going to be in my Future.